Mass Production Router


Mass Production Router


MPR is an inline PCB routing machine specially designed to separate (de-panelize) large panels into the individual PCBs.

The MPR has two worktables accommodating a maximum PCB size of 450mm x 400mm with a PnP head for Panel loading and PCB unloading. A new Graphical User Interface (GUI) with Getech's "Move, Teach & Cut" advanced control software provides user friendly "visual" programming for rapid and accurate online programming.

Non-routing speed

1500 mm/s


±0.1 mm

Routing speed

100 mm/s max

Panel Size

450 mm x 400 mm

Panel Thickness

0.5 mm - 8.0 mm

Spindle Motor

500W spindle with ESD Ceramic bearings


3 stage filtrations with disposable filter bag (10 microns)



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