The Getech Bottom Router GBR is an In-Line depanelling machine that does NOT REQUIRE the addition of PCB specific fixtures systems. It's inherent flexibility makes it an ideal platform for OEMs and CEMs who have lower volume demands where changeovers and product variety are significant. The GBR with integrated bar code reading can read the incoming PCB code and auto adjust the conveyor width to receive the PCB, load the correct program and cut the PCB without human intervention.

The cut PCBs are picked and placed to the outbound conveyor - either flat belt or edge conveyor depending upon the subsequent operations.

Fixture-less routers are not new - but they have historically been very expensive, Getech is changing the financial model for Fixture-less Routing.

Key features

Panel Size

500 mm x 400 mm

Panel Thickness

0.8 mm – 4.0 mm

Component Height

Top max. 70 mm
Bottom max. 12 mm

Spindle motor

0.5 kW spindle with ESD Ceramic bearings


2 x 2.5 kW rotary vane vacuum blower

Video camera

CCD video camera

Variable Functions

Tool bit diameter compensation, Filter change interval (distance) setting.

Machine size

1250mm x 1940mm x 1910mm



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