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Getech Automation has been involved in the PCB automation and depanelling Industry for over 20 years. With literally thousands of machines installed and millions of PCBs handled daily.  Getech is focused on developing and manufacturing machines and systems to address the changing needs of the PCBA and Semi-conductor industries. Today Getech Automation offers standardized platforms for depanelling, Laser marking and Assembling of Rigid PCBs, Flex and Metal Clad substrates. All operations can be handled in Stand Alone and fully automated In-Line systems capable of integrating with upstream operations as well as downstream test systems. With experience in Routing, Sawing and Laser cutting we have the expertise to provide Panel to Box automation capabilities. We are committed to providing our clients and their end users total customer satisfaction through our engineering, development and service teams. Our primary objective is to create and maximize long term business partnerships by providing accurate, rapid and effective engineered process solutions for our  customers. We look forward to you enquiry and working with you to provide an optimal solution, whatever the problem.


Job Opportunities

Mechanical Design Engineer
Minimum 3 years of relevant experience in automation equipment design... More

Senior/Control Engineer
Minimum 4 years of experience in design of Control Systems and Control Panels... More

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Dust Contamination and Control

Monday March 2, 2015 comments

Dust Contamination and Control

End of Feb sawthe annualpilgrimage tothe West Coast for APEX. This year the show was in San Diego. As we spoke to existing customers and presented Getech's depaneling systems to new customers a recurring theme became evident. In previous years the Q and A has been directed toward speed, accuracy and material capabilities. The secondary conversation may have included vacuum and contamination control. This year the common theme was dust contamination control and extractionfrom the vast majority of thevisitors spoken with. Clearly the finer dust... Read More